Invisalign is a system of transparent orthodontic devices that are a plastic form of dental braces used to help straighten and adjust teeth. The advantage is that Invisalign looks better and is more comfortable than braces.

Clear aligner costs are typically lower than all-metal braces because of the technology and material used. Prices are less impacted by factors such as the duration of the treatment and the extent of the issues requiring correction.

However, not everyone is a candidate for using the system so you with have to check with your dentist.

If Invisalign can benefit you, the first step will be to take impressions of your mouth, write up a detailed specifications and then send everything to a high-tech lab.

Next, the lab will show the orthodontist a preview of the appliances.

The lab then makes a series of aligners – depending on the situation, you may need between 12 to 48 aligners.

After the impression of the teeth is taken, it will normally require a visit to the orthodontist every six weeks.

Some patients will be advised to wear metal braces for a period and then switch to Invisalign when ready.

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